Savings, unleashed.

WVE Money is a savings platform giving you access to Bitcoin, stablecoins and up to 8% interest on deposits.

wve money mobile app - cryptocurrency high interest savings
Weave money mobile app - cryptocurrency high interest savings

Take control of your finances.

With a WVE Money account you’ll be able to: 

Open a free personal virtual bank account.

Send and receive funds instantly!

Buy, sell & store Bitcoin & stablecoins!

Protect your savings against inflation!

See how much your deposit could be worth in five years!

Initial investment:


Annual interest rate:




Balance after five years:


Earned interest:


With a typical high street bank account at 0.45% annual interest, you can only expect to earn £22.75 over five years for a total sum of £1022.75.

Next generation savings, in your pocket!

At WVE Money our mission is to bring a long term savings strategy and protection against inflation.


Our stablecoin feature will help generate up to 8% interest on your deposit.


We have partnered with some truly great businesses to help you take control of your finances and beat the system at its own game.


Weave money mobile app - cryptocurrency high interest savings



Weave money mobile app - cryptocurrency high interest savings

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Frequently asked questions

Our fiat wallet is only available in the U.K. however our digital asset wallets and services are available to customers in a number of countries worldwide.

Bitcoin and stablecoins only.

A communications protocol that lets users send value to one another globally, without restrictions. It is a nascent form of money gradually fulfilling the roles of a store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account.


There are only 21m available, c19m in circulation and it will take until around 2140 to release the final coins through a process called ‘mining’. Our knowledge series will dive into Bitcoin fundamentals in more detail.

Digital assets which retain price stability and are typically immune from speculation driven volatility. Some stablecoins retain their value through algorithmic methods, we only support 1:1 collateralised stablecoin assets – meaning each stablecoin needs to be backed by 1 unit of the equivalent fiat currency. For example, 1 USDC is backed by $1 and 1 TGBP is backed by £1.

We have partnered with a digital asset lending provider who generates high yield interest from institutions and major financial services clients who pay a premium to borrow assets for a short period of time to fund their trading and investment operations.


The interest generated is passed onto us so that we can, in turn pass this back to you as the institutions are essentially borrowing your funds to conduct their operations so it’s only right that you are rewarded. In essence it’s a very similar process to the way high street banks use your deposits today except they generate less than 1% returns.

The WVE Money digital wallets are decentralised, meaning that we cannot ever touch your Bitcoin or stablecoin deposits even if we wanted to. This means you are in full control of your funds and that you need to take extra steps to ensure you never lose access to these wallets.


When you select “earn interest” your digital asset funds move into a centralised wallet that is controlled by our lending partner to generate the interest – WVE Money still doesn’t have access to your funds. With the fiat wallet service in the U.K.


WVE Money will only be able to stop transactions if your account activity breaches our anti money laundering and compliance protocols as we are regulated by the FCA in the U.K. 

When we launch we will be registered as an Agent under an existing eMoney license provider for our fiat and virtual banking services. All digital asset wallets and services will be conducted via our partner organisation located outside the U.K. until we can achieve 5MLD approvals from the FCA. We will be working closely with the FCA to deliver trusted and fully compliant services within the U.K. regulatory framework.

Not at this time however we are reviewing the possibility of providing this service to our clients through other means.

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